Friday, September 6, 2013

surviving today...

It's Friday. That's about the ONLY redeeming thing about today.

I'm tired.  Drained really.  Aunt Flow has been kicking my butt this week. I haven't gotten enough sleep. I just want to get home, put on comfy clothes, and cry. A good long deep cry to just drain out all of this stress and anxiety and negativity. I'm a big believer in the cleansing cry. Sometimes, a girl's just gotta get it out.

In addition, I've had some meunstral related restriction. Things that I have gotten stuck on this week (resulting in sliming but not PB):
--my breakfast sandwich
--roast beef (from the crockpot--first beef other than hamburger I've tried since surgery)
--brown rice (I tried it b/c I wanted it with roast beef)
--mashed potatos (tried a bite--bad idea)
--ground turkey burger
--kings hawiaan roll

I'm not complaining, because I needed a reminder that Donny was in there....but combined with my monthly time, along with a tummy bug going around the office--this week has been crap.

I started getting a touch of the tummy bug on Tuesday. Weird rumbly tummy, some light nausa. So I did something bad. Forgive me, sisters, for I have sinned. I committed the cardinal sin of LapBand.  I drank Coke. Not diet coke. I drank full on hardcore loaded with sugar CocaCola. Not alot--maybe about 8 oz over a cup full of ice that I sipped on for about two hours.  I have not had soda since February. I have heeded the 'no carbonation' rule. I didn't have any issues with it--and it settled my tummy right away. I do NOT plan on making a habit of this, but I survived it.

The only positive is that I have been pounding out some walking. I walk in the morning. I walk at lunch. I walk home from the bus stop. I walk around stores (Sams, Target). My toe is healing nicely. The ELB is working tonight and tomorrow at a tournament, so I'm on my own for most of the weekend. I hope that I'm motivated enough to at least get the laundry done.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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