Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I am a Google whore. The ELB is more so than me. So this morning, when I saw the GoogleMap Streetview car parked down the street from work--I HAD to get a picture. The ELB is jealous!

In Bandland, I'm still rocking the restriction. W.T.F.

Yesterday, I got in 4 miles of walking. My calories topped at out 1290 for the day. THIS is what Band life should be like--yet, I know that 75% of the time, I struggle. I struggle to keep my calories low. I struggle to get enough exercise. I struggle to get my water in.

I have my 6 month band appointment tomorrow (actually ON my 6 month bandiversary--how rare is that?). I want a fill. I want to be rocking this restriction and energy and feeling good about stuff more often than one week a month. Okay, I'm dreading the scale because I am sure that I've gained--and it's week three before Aunt flow shows up--so I'm about 99% sure that I will show a gain. A gain bodes well for getting a fill--but is disappointing nonetheless.

I never updated my ticker when I had the small gain a few weeks ago--because it wasn't my official weigh in--I just ran in and got on the scale.  To be consistant, I always schedule my Band appts on Wednesday. I always wear the same pants. And I always go at the same time of day so that as many factors are as close each time so that I get the most accurate weight reading. It will be updated tomorrow--good or bad. Would love to see good--but expecting the bad.

But this week, I'm doing awesome so far. Yes, it's only Tuesday--but every day is a new chance to be on plan. To get exercise. To make good choices.

I just have to remember that when I choose to eat a cookie, or a cupcake, or a slice of pizza...I have to decide, what's in it for me? That stuff won't help me get into my next size down pair of jeans that have been patiently waiting since June. That stuff won't help me to get a better job. That stuff won't make me happier...and it will probably make me feel like crap.

I need to remember that I am doing this for ME. Not for the ELB. Not for you. Just for me.


  1. YES! Just for you.

    And I had a friend who did Google mapping for awhile and got to drive one of those cars... :)

  2. Keep pushing Baby, keep pushing. You CAN do this! I promise. It's not easy, it's hard. Harder than without surgery. I don't care what they say. Get through 1 week, then move on to the next. Keep it short on goals...like get me thru bfast, lunch, dinner, the night. Lord get me to tmrw. You can do this!