Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's life without challenges?

Yesterday, I started the day off so awesomely! I had goals! I had ambitions!

I sorta cracked (a little) last night. My bus to get home never showed up! I waited over an hour and then waited some more. The ELB had the car and was about 2 hours away. He was coming to get me, but it would take a while.

So I walked to the mall. And I walked around stores and I waited for him to come. And then we had dinner, because at this point, it had been over 8 hours and I was STARVING. So I did good--I ordered the bunless burger and then added mushrooms, onions, peppers, and some jalapenos. And then I get the onion rings. Hand battered, made to order. I caved--it was hunger that did it. And the first one tasted oh so delicious--and each one thereafter tasted less awesome. It was only 1/2 an order (so about 7 total), but by #7, I was disappointed. Disappointed in myself for being such an easy pushover for bad foods, disappointed that they still didn't taste as awesome at the end, disappointed that I wasted a bunch of calories on them when I was perfectly happy with my burger.

Even with the onoin ring indiscretion, I was still UNDER 1500 for the day (1377 total), and I did get alot of walking in. Do I regret getting them? Yes, in a way--but on the other hand,--No, I don't. If anything, it will serve as a reminder the next time I'm tempted to cave that it's not worth it in the end.

On another note, I've gotten kind of swept up in the Greek Yogurt mixed with SF pudding craze. I got this from Karla over at Daily Thoughts. Take one large container (30oz) of Greek 0% yogurt (I like Fage, but actually picked up some Chobani to use for this because it was on sale) and a packet of SF jello pudding (pick the flavor you like!). Mix it all together and eat it. The first time I tried it, I used Pistachio pudding, and then I added some chopped pistachios for texture. It was awesome. Last night, I used Chocolate to make it--and I mixed in a sprinkle of mini Tollhouse chocolate chips. The next one I make will be the cheesecake flavor! It makes quite a few servings--and the pudding adds flavor without alot of extra calories and sugar (although I did add some sugar with the chocolate chips).

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  1. What a great idea! I make pudding A LOT when I'm wanting something sweet (and have fought the ice cream urge)...I'll be trying this soon.

    BTW, don't try the soup I posted last week. It came out disgusting.