Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crazy in my shizzle?

From now until the end of January, my work will get crazy busy. It's our "go" time. So, if I seem crazy or frantic or weird or stressed--that would probably be the reason. The ELB and I are already counting down to vacation the first week of January--when we will be basking on the beaches of South Carolina. We leave Dec 28 and come back on January 4--unless we decide to extend an extra day or two. Only 14 more weeks to go!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my 2 miles a day so far this week. I've been getting 1 - 1.5 miles in the morning. However, I think that if I do some elliptical this weekend, I can make up for it...hopefully. I have been better with my food (barring the onion rings), and my calories have been under 1500. I've been focusing more on protien. When I get hungry, eating greek yogurt or chicken salad instead of carbs.

My PCP ordered the full metabolic panel blood work for me. Next Wednesday, September 25,  is my six month Bandiversary. I get my blood drawn on Friday--and will get the results at my appointment next Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon, I go to the surgeon for my check up and (fingers crossed) fill. Tomorrow, I go for my annual lady-bits appointment. Woot.  Busy Busy!

Nothing much else to report on here. I ran into the guy that came and did a class on exercise for the bariatric classes yesterday. He was at the wellness fair. He hooked me up with a free month at the fitness company he works for to try it out--and told me to call him when I was ready to join and he would get me a good deal. So, it's a possible--it's a good fitness company--just there aren't any convenient locations to my work or home. So we will see. He was super friendly and supportive because he was a 'makeover' story himself--he lost over 100 lbs with diet and exercise, and now he's a fitness instructor and works for the company in their corporate offices.

So my goal is to try to get more walking in the rest of the week--to meet my 10 miles a week commitment, and to stay under 1500 calories a day (closer to 1300 if I can do it).

Happy Hump Day!  

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