Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Six months ago today....

I said yes to the rest of my life with LapBand.

I have not regretted the decision.

Do I regret some of the decisions that I make with what I eat which have slowed my progress--yes, but not the choice to have the surgery.

I was out of control with my eating and weight gain. I knew that unless I did something drastic, that would only continue to go up. I weighed 428 lbs when I started the journey. That was August 27, 2012. Today, my weight starts with a 3...and will hopefully be in the 350's when I go this afternoon. And by this time next year--my weight will start with a 2. I haven't weighed in the 2's since high school.

Since getting my surgery, although my progress is slower than some, my weight has come down. My numbers at my doctors office today--six months post surgery, are awesome.

A1C--6.6 (drop from 6.8 just three months ago!)
Blood pressure--112/72
Triglycerides--144 (should be less than 150)
HDL (good) Cholesterol--51 (should be more than 50)
LDL (bad) Cholesterol--145 (should be less than 100)

So, my LDL is still high--but not as high as it was six months ago.  My dad also has high cholesterol--so it might be genetics, but my PCP wants to check it again in six months. She's confident that with continued exercise and weight loss, I can bring that number down, too, without the need for medication. How awesome is that?

I go to see my surgeon tonight about getting a fill, but now I'm wondering if he will let me have one. At my PCP today, according to her scale, I've lost 5 lbs since my visit on Aug 29. The scale at the surgeons weighs differently, so we will see.

Right now, I'm ejoying some Chobani 0% yogurt mixed with SF jello cheesecake pudding mix and some madagascar bourbon vanilla. I topped it with a dab of Trader Joes Pumpkin butter....delicious! It's like eating pumpkin cheesecake! And I only had half of my chickfila grilled chicken wrap for lunch. No walk today, but will take care of that when I get home.

Isn't it an awesome day? Hope you are all having awesome days, too!


  1. Cheers to awesome days! And you are doing smashingly well. Thumbs up from this fellow lapbander...