Friday, September 20, 2013

Shhhh! I think she can hear me!

So, you know how I've been looking forward to my appointment next week, and possibly getting a fill because, lets be honest, I have been eating like a 12 year old boy just before he gets a growth spurt. In other words--insatiably!

Well, I think Donny heard me, and she has all of a sudden decided to play the restriction game. I have been tight the past three days. It's not hormonal (Aunt Flow doesn't show for another two weeks). It's not the weather (which, btw, has been absolutely GORGEOUS here this week). Barring those two things which seem to make Donny tighter--I don't know what is causing it--except the B!tch heard me talking about getting a fill.

I'm still requesting a fill because I don't feel like I've lost anything recently--not even the 2.4 lbs I gained the last time I weighed in. I think that less than .5 cc should be enough to get me to a happy place. I don't want crazy PB and sliming all the time restriction. I just want enough to make me slow down and eat right (which is kind of what this recent restriction feels like). To remind me to chew chew chew. And to eat the protien first, especially if I'm only going to get a few bites in.

After my walk this morning, I've done 7.25 of my 10 mile goal. I can totally reach that, especially if the ELB and I take a walk tonight.

I've noticed that I've been really super duper tired lately. I'll be the first to admit that I am horrible about taking my vitamin because it's disgusting. Do I just need to be more consistant with my vitamin to stop this rundown feeling? My PCP is doing a full panel blood work, so I guess she will see if there is anything that I need to be concerned about (I tend to run slightly anemic), but was wondering if taking the daily vitamin really does make a difference with being a Bander over RNY.

Happy Friday!


  1. If you are experiencing any fall allergies, this can make your band tighter too. When I'm going out to dinner and want to be able to eat easier than usual, I take a Claritin. Have to be careful because this will dehydrate you, but I only do it once in a while.

    1. Thanks! I didn't think about allergies impacting the Band at all! I do have alot of allergies and I use Nasonex daily, along with claritin daily just to breathe. My allergist is trying to get me to go with allergy shots, but it's a 3 year commitment to complete the cycle so that they work. I don't mind the restriction--I'm just worried that if i get a small fill combined with allergies it might make me too tight.

  2. I think my band just like to let me get comfortable...and then she swoops in an smacks me!...Good job on your walking goals!