Monday, September 30, 2013

oops..I did it again!

After writing about my eating on Friday, Saturday turned out to be a sorta banner day for food. I made a pot of turkey chili, and every time I ate some, I did it with a ramekin and a cocktail spoon. Yes, during the course of the day, I probably had 6 of those little ramekins of chili--but usually I would have had 2 cups in a giant soup bowl (covered with shredded cheese)every time instead (which is usually three or more times)--so baby steps but it's still progress.

Yesterday, though, I did my eating thing bad again. The ELB and I stopped at Chili's on the way home from College Park. We did the 2 for $20 deal. I had three of the boneless buffalo wings (think crispy chicken nuggets), and all of the celery. I had ordered the Honey Pepper grilled chicken and shrimp. It came served on oven roasted potatoes and green beans. I ate the shrimp, and then packed up the rest to go home.

Fast forward to four hours later, and even though I still felt full and satisfied--my brain kept telling me that I needed to eat dinner because if I waited too much longer, it would be too late to eat. So I ate the grilled chicken breast, potatoes, and green beans. All of it. And it was WAY TOO MUCH food. But did I stop myself from eating all of it? No. I justified it because after I had eaten half of the chicken, I was like, well, it's stupid to save this half of a chicken breast for later--I'll just eat it now. I can't leave just two potatoes, so I'll just go ahead and finish them now.  And the whole time, I was hating myself for not being able to stop the fork.

This is what I struggle with.

I am seriously wondering if hypnosis would be helpful in shutting off the part of my brain that does this to me. My Band was screaming at me to stop--but I didn't. I kept going....and going.

Has anyone else ever tried hypnosis to help control their eating issues? I see deals on Groupon and Living Social sometimes for a session for $50--and I was wondering if it's worth the money to see if it helps at all.

I just can't keep doing this to myself.


  1. Do you have a good chili recipe?

    Sorry we're dealing with the same struggle right now... sigh...

    1. This is the recipe I used Saturday. I change it up depending on what I have on hand--but this one worked pretty good in the crock pot!

      1.5 lbs of turkey burger
      chopped onion (i use alot)
      chopped peppers (assorted--i use alot)
      1 sm. can of chopped green chilis
      1 pack of low sodium chili seasoning
      1 larger can of pinto beans, rinsed (use your favorite--or two smaller cans)
      1 can of diced tomatos (reg size)
      1 can of tomato sauce (reg size)

      I cooked the turkey with minced garlic with the onions/peppers, then dumped everything into the crockpot on high until it got hot--then turned to low.

      Usually, I bulk it up with vegetables--a bag of the frozen soup vegetables, or I add fresh chopped or frozen kale, or a bag of coleslaw mix, etc. But this time, I just kept it simple. :)

  2. awe I am sorry. I give my last couple bites to my OLD dog.. she has a hard time with the hard dog food these days so she sits right by momma and eats my left overs.. then we feed her a little dog food depending on how much mommy food she ...last night it was about half my food... but thats ok I feel less wastful if I know she gets it.. you know that whole clean plate issue..

  3. I just wrote about this on my blog...feeling like I needed to clean my plate despite feeling full. CFlick actually had a great thought...there is nothing you can't remake or get at a later time. Just go throw it away. As hard as it is for me to "waste" food...I've been practicing it...and its working!