Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Slowly coming around....

I'm going to liken my brain to one of those big ginormous cruise ships that hauls thousands of people into the ocean, and bring them back safely. It's big, it's pretty, it's loaded with a sh!tload of useful information...but sometimes, in order to turn around, it takes a while. Just like a giant cruise ship, my brain has to keep going forward for a bit as it begins to slowly do the turn that will bring it back without tipping over. Tipping over is bad. So it's a slow process.

After my last fill, my brain has been working REALLY hard to get to the point it can begin making the turn. It kept going forward at the same speed it was right after the fill.  The next few days, it charged ahead--but then started to realize that something was different. And finally..FINALLY...I think that my brain has had an epiphany. She realized that hey, something is really different--maybe we should start changing course.

And she is changing course...slowly but surely, my brain is coming around to my Band's way to thinking.

Yesterday, I was AWESOME if I do say so myself. I was ON POINT all day long. I had halloween candy available to me, and yet I did not eat a single piece! Okay, wait--I did have one of those tiny little boxes of Nerds--but nothing chocolate and caramel. I walked almost three miles! And last night, I cooked dinner at home--a Jennie-O turkey burger with onions and green peppers, and a side of oven roasted mushrooms with cherry tomatos and garlic.

The only thing is--I didn't eat my protien first. I am a vegetable whore. I love veggies. And as a kid, I would eat up all my veggies first--and then eat my meat. I'm still like that. If I order a salad with chicken on it--invariably, I will eat the ENTIRE salad--and then eat the chicken at the end.

Last night, I ate my veggies--and then struggled to get my protien down. I did eat it all--probably ate too much and I was very full--but I did better. And yes, I DID use a small plate. My calories for the day were at 960 until around 10pm last night--when I had a snack of 8 Hershey kisses and a handfull of roasted almonds. So I probably hit around 1200 for the day. It's a start.

Sometimes, it just takes time for things to catch on. Let's see where this goes.

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