Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hollee used 'fat girl problems' in her comment the other day about my bread post. I like it, and now I am claiming it. Feel free to use it whenever you have a fat girl problem occur. It would probably be more effective if I was actually ON twitter--which I'm not--I'm not that interesting--but it's still fun to use hashtags! 

This morning, I'm having one of those days.

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking, "man, I would LOVE to go to Denny's and order that big breakfast blowout with eggs, and bacon, and pancakes, and a side of grits and eat EVERY.SINLGE.BITE".

In reality, I didn't. I went to the office. I bypassed all the food places, because, surprise! I'm not hungry.

I woke up a little down today. The sun hasn't shown up, and probably won't until next week as this coastal rain thing settles in for the weekend. I didn't get my walk in this morning because of the rain. I have to go offsite today, which means driving in said rain to DC. I'm just feeling bummed.

But I didn't go to my old friend, food, to help me through (yet). I'm sticking it out. I might be down, but I'm NOT out.

I've just got to learn to deal with things in ways that don't involve eating myself sick.  But the desire to 'eat away my problems' is still there. That doesn't go away--I just have to be stronger than the little voice in my head telling me that food will make everything better. 


  1. I completly understand.. sometimes I swear on the weekends I want to sit my butt in bed watch TV all day and and munch on crap But I physically get out of bed and leave the house ... I dont know if the "eat away the problem" will ever be gone but I know just like you, I just have to ignore that urge... but OMG its hard sometime :)

  2. I have been eating my feelings all week. Proud of you for not doing the same!!