Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy Friday!

I'm really glad that this week is almost over.

Tonight, I'm having happy hour with two coworkers (members of the unofficial "chub club"). We are going to Fridays for drinks and appetizers and girl talk. I'm so excited! I'm saving calories today so that I can splurge with alcohol later.

I only got two laps of my walk in this morning, because I was rescuing a lost FedEx package that was dropped in our parking lot. Go me!

It's week 3 and I have restriction again. Aunt Flow on the horizon next week brings it in. I don't mind--but I just wish I had this level all the time and not just two weeks a month.

I found out yesterday through trial and error, that I cannot eat regular pasta any longer. Not that I sat around and ate alot of pasta anyways--cause I don't--but I won free lunch from Noodles for me and three friends--and I was not able to enjoy it. Lesson learned.

After drinks, I'll be running an errand then heading home to the ELB. This is the first Friday night that we will have spent together in months. #soexcitedforsnuggletime. He is also off on Sunday--so it gives us some quality time to just be together.

I hope that all of you have awesome weekends lined up! Have a good one!


  1. Have a great time this weekend. Its always nice to get done with a rough week and have things to look foward to on the weekend :)

  2. I'm so glad you seem to be feeling in a better mood!!

  3. ^^^ Agreed! This post is so much more upbeat. I'm hoping the tides have turned for you....and if not then at least you have girl talk and ELB snuggles...can't beat that!

  4. Things aren't necessarily any better--I've just chosen to have a more positive attitude towards the things that I cannot change. And it's friday--and i need some alcohol and snuggle time. THAT makes everything alot better. :)