Friday, October 4, 2013

I think I'm okay

After freaking out ALL DAY  yesterday about my acid reflux being the symptom of a slipped band....I woke up this morning feeling SO MUCH BETTER.

I did email my surgeons office nutritionist (who is awesome) and I told her what happened, and she checked with my surgeon (in between surgeries) and she told me that he wasn't alarmed, especially since this was the first time I had this issue (heartburn), but to monitor it, and if it felt like it was persisting through the weekend, to come in Monday.

All day, I had that sour acidic tummy. It hurt to eat things, it hurt to drink things. There was a cookout at work yesterday, and I did eat a hot dog (no bun) and some bland potato salad.  Around 6:30 I had a Gatorade--and the first few sips were a struggle--but by the end of the bottle, I was feeling SO much better!

For dinner last night, I had a sliderfood meal of Chickfila chicken noodle soup and a strawberry milkshake. I tolerated everything good, my tummy felt improved about 1000x. I also crushed my meds last night, and I think that helped. I honestly think that it was my pills being stuck in my pouch because of the swelling from being stuck, and that it caused the irritation I was having. Right now, I'm on antibiotics for an infection in my newly rootcanaled tooth, so I'm breaking the capsul and pouring the powder into yogurt. I'm going to keep crushing my pills through the weekend, and just take it easy for a few more days by sticking with mushies.

I'm glad today is Friday. I am beat like a dead horse. I rolled with the ELB last night to PA for an event he was working. I didnt' get to bed until 1am--and I get up at 5:30! I'm supossed to roll with him to College Park tonight, but will decide by the time I leave work if that will happen. It's been a pretty weird week..I'm just glad it's done.

Happy Friday, Ya'll!


  1. I am glad you woke up feeling better. I hope you can get some rest this weekend.