Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Things Friday!

It was a dark and

It's so dark outside, that it looks like night.

I'm going to do an edition of Five Things Friday--just because I feel like posting something.

1. There may or may not be a huge trucker rally thing on the Capital Beltway this weekend--which will seriously throw a wrench into our plans to head to DC tonight--and the ELB's having to go back to DC tomorrow.

2. I wasted time straightening my hair this morning. Even with all the awesome Paul Mitchell products at my disposal, a ceramic brush, and an ionic dryer, my hair senses the slightest hint of moisture and immediately reverts to frizz.

3. I seriously want a new crock pot. I have a great crock pot--it's from the 1970s, it's avacado green with a brown crock, and it works great!  But I keep thinkg of all the awesome things I could make if I had a new one, with the programmable thing and the removable crock, etc. I have been pricing them for about a month now--but am afraid to jump on it. Maybe when Christmas sales come in, I'll finally break down and get it.

4. Yesterday, I made fresh green beans, mediterranean style. Basically, fresh beans (snapped) with tomatos, olive oil, and some italian seasonings in the crock pot. Yumm-o!

5. I've been doing my best to not be tempted by bread--but I did have a sandwich round yesterday--which again, didn't feel that awesome. You would think I would learn my lesson.

Happy Friday! 


  1. lol number 2 made me laugh bc I straightened my hair for the first day in a wk today ( i swear the news said over cast no rain..but what ev) walked out the door into mist and rain and Im a giant poof got to love this weather we've had sitting over top of the east coast all week :)

  2. Ok...seriously need to check blogs more have like 4 days worth by the time I got back here...1. That no dough pizza looks awesome. Hello sunday night dinner.
    2. Fat girl mine is that lower belly roll and its irritating the hell out of me. 3. I can totally justify peanut and peanut butter m&ms because of the protein. lol. at least you chose a better chocolate choice! and if it helps I'm admitting to having eaten a whole big bag in the last 10 days. :P 4. I've been searching for that no frizz solution too. the humidity here in TN/KY is awful. Keep it up girl.