Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bread habits are hard to break!

See what I did there? I totally punned 'bad' and 'bread'--because, well..because I could!

Fat and Sassy commented on her post today about having 6cc's in the Band--and the issues with bread.  Like her, I've got 6cc in MY Band--and I am just now to the point that bread is NOT a good idea. Do I still try to eat it? Of course! Why? Because apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment and I LOVE getting stuck and sliming non stop.

Until I hit 6cc's, I could pretty much eat anything. The baguette from Panera that they give you with soup. Sandwich rounds. Doughnuts. Pizza.

Now, Bread and I are having a bad break up. I want Bread back--but Bread is all like, "no bitch--get away from me". And then I beg Bread, "please, I love you Bread! Don't leave me like this!". To which Bread replies--"I'm outta here!" before he hops on his metaphorical motorcycle and speeds out of my life for good.

I'm learning to live life without bread. And I'm struggling. I keep FORGETTING that it's not such a good idea. Monday morning, I toasted half of a sandwich round for breakfast. I didn't get stuck, but it sure didn't feel good going down.  I ate some pretzel townhouse crackers in the afternoon--and they were all like, "we are SO going to make you pay for this". Last night, I made the ELB some homemade buttermilk biscuits, more to prove that I could remember how to and that I hadn't lost that part of my upbringing. I ate ONE bite, and that biscuit was like, "girl, I ain't playin'".

 I am not going to try it again. I got stuck on that biscuit--and I was horribly uncomfortable.

Hollee posted this 'no dough' pizza recipe a while ago. I tried it, and I was on the fence about it. Why eat that when I could just eat pizza? But now, I am going to go back to the no dough recipe. It was good--and it will be my new pizza from now on--although, I have heard good things about the cauliflower pizza crust. So when the ELB wants pizza--he can have his and I can have mine--which is fine, because he doesn't like vegetables anyways.

Life without Bread won't be easy. Bread is everywhere. On yummy burgers at BTS in DC. It comes with soup. It is the foundation of all sandwiches--and I LOVE sandwiches.

But I can either choose to continue to eat bread, and live in fear. Or I can just move on, and embrace my new bread free path. Tough choice.  


  1. Getting stuck is the worst feeling to me. And in public- it's so embarrassing! I haven't had bread in over a year now. Do I miss it? Hell yes. But it does get easier. Last year at Christmas, my dad made my grandmother's "angel biscuits" (they're called this because they come straight from heaven...) and I literally cried while I watched him eat them. Fat girl problems....

  2. I have a complete and under fear of being stuck so ive never been brave enough to attempt bread.. BUT I have tried Hollees Cloud Pizza and it was AWESOME! Good Luck girl