Monday, October 28, 2013


I have been really tired lately. Usually, I chalk it up to early mornings and late nights ( I typically get up at 5:15 and don't go to bed until 11:30--So I get less than 8 hours a night).

Friday, I went out for dinner and drinks with some of my coworkers. We went to Fridays, where I had a crazy pink cotton candy cosmo (I know, how very sex and the city of me--thanks, I heard that like 5 times). I also had some chips and salsa, and a wedge salad. I was stuffed, and I took home my petit filet and potatoes.

I got home at 7:30 ( I know, I live on the wild side), watched one episode of Monk, and then promptly fell asleep at 9pm on the couch. The ELB says that he tried to wake me up for 4 hours to go to bed. I finally woke up at 3am, and went to bed.

Needless to say, this concerned me. The ELB says that I would wake up long enough to say, "i'm awake", and then go right back to sleep. Once I got to bed, I slept through until 10am. What.The.Hell.

So, today, I'm going to restart taking my vitamins. I am a bad Bander, because I hate taking the stupid vitamins. I know I'm supossed to, but I also think that I can still eat pretty good, so I should be getting everything from my food--but I did realize over the weekend that I do NOT eat the way that I used to. Not only in smaller portions, but I also don't get as balanced of a diet as I did before. I can't eat tons of fruits and veggies. I don't get enough whole grains. I know that sometimes, I don't get enough protien. Even though it feels like some days that I'm eating eating eating--that maybe I'm not eating as much as I thought. That even though my calories are high, that might be a result of eating more slider type foods instead of healthy foods.

This morning, I started with my vitamin again. It's still the bariatric chewable, but I have a whole bottle to use. I will see if this makes a difference with my fatigue..and maybe my weight loss. Who knows--maybe this has been holding me back?

So, in your personal experience, do you think that taking a daily vitamin has helped make a difference in your journey?


  1. I hate taking vitamins too. I will take them for a few weeks religiously and then slack off. Then it isn't long until my body gives me a reminder... I feel fatigued and lack energy. So I start taking them again, and repeat the cycle.

  2. I do well with GUMMY Vitamins... I chew them well and dont have any issues.. I HATED the Bariatric chewable vitamins.. they just tasted like aweful chalk to me... My Dr is ok with gummys and since they are regular vitamins not Bari ones said to dble the dose and it would be fine..