Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby, it's COLD outside!

I am so suprised that I am still rocking the same restriction that I got from my last fill in November.

Yesterday, I started the day with protien coffee. Lunch was 1/4 cup homemade greek yogurt chicken salad and some of the new Cheezit Grooves (18 crackers = 130 calories--and I didn't even eat 18 of them!). Then I waited kind of late for dinner--so I had a cup of coffee in the afternoon (probably around 50 cals with the SF creamer), and a Krispy Kreme Homer Simpson donut from the RoFo on the way to PA. Dinner was an Almond Snicker (LOVE!) and 6 Chickfila nuggets. I was still able to stay under my daily calories and only hit 1269! And even though I didn't have dedicated walking, I did go shopping and walked around Walmart, the Goodwill, and CVS. I know that some of my choices weren't the best--but I was on the road and did the best I could given the choices!

My thighs have gotten progressively more sore since Monday night--but I plan on rocking the elliptical again tonight while the ELB is at a gig.

We woke up to snow this morning--about an inch of that dry powder that is a cinch to clean off your car but which makes roads kind of slick and gross.

But anyways, I got some good stuff at the 'Will, yo! I went with the intent to find a new purse to replace my last bag I got from there. I have gotten SO many compliments on my last bag (a black/white plaid) that I thought I could find something equally as cute to move into. I scored a Tigananello blue suede shoulder bag for $4. That's right--FOUR DOLLARS. It's gorgeous, it looks brand new, and it doesn't have any funky marks or stains or anything. It's beautiful! I also scored a couple of books and two 1984 Olympic collectible figures for the ELB. He loves Olympics stuff. $18 for all of that. I love the goodwill.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Stay warm! It is freezing!!! I'll be finishing off chicken tortilla soup while I stay inside today.