Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So it's Tuesday...

The insurance adjuster visit went good. Yay!Now we can start putting the house back to normal.

My sinus infection seems to be breaking up---if the massive amounts of neon green crap I hacked up this morning are any indication. No antibiotics--just alot of water, hot tea, chicken soup, and trying to get sleep. Oh, and the good Sudafed that you have to sign for.  Now to get rid of this annoying cough.

I survived my two orientations with voice to spare.

I'm not hungry (yay!), but yesterday morning I woke up so nauseous that I stopped at McDonalds on the way to work. For some reason, my brain kept telling me that the combo of sugar/fat/salt would help me feel better. And oddly enough, it did. I had a Bacon/Egg/Cheese McGriddle, a hashbrown, and a small regular coke. I only ate half the sandwich, the hashbrown, and the coke, and I felt 100x better--even though it took me over an hour to eat that much. I barely ate anything on Sunday--probably less than 500 calories--so I'm sure that was part of the blechy feeling.

Today, I'm feeling somewhat better. I'm getting back on track. I walked this morning. I had my protien coffee. I'm going to have turkey chili for lunch, and dinner will be turkey meat loaf (my new recipe that the ELB loves).

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Sounds like things are finally looking up! I'm so glad for you :)