Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Soup #love

I went to Panera for lunch with my coworkers, and I ordered something I've never had from there before: Black Bean Soup.

OMG. This stuff is DELICIOUS! I highly recommend it. The Bowl size has 260 calories and 13g of protien. And it's a vegetarian option.

I've already googled knock off recipes online, because this WILL be made in my house this weekend. I have everything on hand for it, and well, I can't wait to try and see if it turns out good!

I think that this could very easily be made in the crock pot, as it seems like a soup that would  get better the longer it cooks. I'll share the recipe once I've tested it and made it work.

Since getting Donny, I can't believe how much I love love love soup now. Soup used to be winter thing. Potato soup, vegetable soup, occasionally a pot of French Onion soup. Now, I'm all about trying new soups, making new recipes, and putting that 40 year old Crockpot to work at least one day a week with a hearty healthy homemade meal.

I finally found 'the' slow cooker that I think I want. I've been stalking it online. I went to order it last night from, and it was SOLD OUT! Seriously?

So, now it's back to the researching process. If it was meant to be for me to order that particular model, then it would have been available. Since it wasn't, that is a subtle hint that maybe I need to keep looking.

That's okay--I'm finding out very quickly that the crockpot that I have now, even as old as it is, is a pretty good size for a pot of soup that will feed me for well over a week.


  1. Have you heard of the wonderbag? It's on my wish list. Slowcooker for your own electricity required! Plus it's an awesome charity. Looking forward to your black bean soup. Yum!

  2. I never really liked soup before surgery. It was a once in a while thing from panera, and there better be a lot of bread or half a sandwich to go with it or I was going to still be starved.

    But these days, soup is the PERFECT meal. Especially if it has cheese on top, just saying lol.