Friday, January 10, 2014

Seriously, this weekend had better not suck

So, the pipe burst fiasco should have been resolved today. The contractors came back this morning to finish the drywall repair in the basement, and to paint.

Well, when they went to the basement, they found that water from the rain was leaking in all night long--meaning that it wasn't the burst pipe that caused the basement damage--it's been rain this whole time--that we didn't know about. So, no finish the basement today--but the kitchen and laundry room should be done.

The ELB got paint on his brand new sweatshirt that he got on vacation. He is not a happy camper.

My work was two hours late to day because of the freezing rain this morning. So, I go to work, stop and buy kale at the farm, then stop to pick up a RedBox movie and get a cup of coffee on the way in. I get the movies I wanted, and then went to get my coffee. Walk back to my car, and boom! Drop my perfectly created cup of coffee awesomness. Luckily, i dropped it in the parking lot and not in my car. And the store was nice of enough to let me get another cup for free to replace it.

The ELB and I have really wanted to drive out and have dinner at our favorite DC Burger joint (Burger Tap Shake) tonight, but this crazy freezing rain crap has put a cabash on those plans. Hence the movies.

Plus, I have a huge amount of laundry to work through.

I was bad about not writing things down yesterday--I had to go home early to babysit the contractors while the ELB went to a work meeting--and I ended up snacking all afternoon on: 2 slices of leftover frozen pizza, a vanilla coke, corn tortilla chips, and greek yogurt popcorn...then topped off the night with a bowl of cheesy beef dip and bbq chips.

Sigh.  I guess the only good thing is about this whole water damage fiasco is...we rent--so the landlord has to fix it all.

Small blessings, right?

My goal--try to get back to a somewhat good way of eating. I read on pumkins blog about gluten intolerance causing drainage--and I wonder if that's what I have. It seems that when I eat some things (like bread) I think that I'm sliming--but I never PB the food--just massive amounts of phlegm. I might try going gluten free for a week and see how that feels. Besides, this will give me more brain justification to cut out the junk and stick with protien and veggies.

Happy Friday.

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