Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hopelessly optimistic

Yesterday, I was optimistic that I could pull myself out of the wreckage of the morning, and walk the straight and narrow the rest of the day.

I could not have BEEN more wrong.

I swear, it's like I didn't even HAVE a band yesterday. I feel like I ate ALL DAY LONG. This is what I remember eating--since I kind of stopped writing things down out of shame....
12 pc Chickfila chicken nuggets
1 plain unbuttered Chickfila biscuit
2 mini Three muskateers bars
2 Lindt truffles
2 Ghiradelli squares
2 chicken breast tenders
3 parkerhouse rolls
1 cup of vegetable lentil soup (homemade)
1 can of diet Dr. Pepper

When I look at it, I think, OMG, that is a massive amount of food. But then, I look at it, and other than the candy, I did have protien in there. So I guess all is not lost--but it sure felt like it!

I know that when I was on vacation, I really got bad with eating candy and soda and chips and stuff like that. And that was wrong. Vacation for my mind does not equate vacation for my healthier eating.

I almost feel like I need to detox--nothing but protien shakes and lentil soup for a few days to cleanse my system and get out all the junk. Oh, and another side effect of my crap diet last week? I'm breaking out like a teenager again. Even the proactive isn't working on this one--the only thing that will is eliminating this stuff from my diet.

I CAN do this. I HAVE to do this. I WILL do this.  Clear skin and losing weight is worth giving up the junkfood!

Peace out!

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