Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Blizzard time!

And I don't mean the yummy Dairy Queen kind.

On the forecast today? 6-12 inches of snow, depending on which news broadcast you watch--and we checked out all three locals this morning.

I got to work early, pounded out four laps (since I might not be able to walk the rest of the week---along with the snow are frigid temps that will linger through the weekend--and means no melting).

I am not going anywhere near the grocery store. If I don't have it at home, we don't need it.

I'm going to keep an eye on the weather today--might be heading home early if things turn sour. And they probably will--it's slated to start around 9am and go through this evening. I packed jeans and snow boots for the trek home.

Still fighting the cold, but it seems that maybe it's breaking up more. I'm coughing more, but they are more productive coughs--clumps of green infection working their way out.

I ended up having leftover sauteed spinach and some bulger for dinner--never even fixed my fish. But bulger is high in protien, so I think it's okay. I just wasn't hungry--aunt flow along with this weather system are tightening Donny up--so I have to take it easy on my food choices--go for more soups and less solids until the end of the week--otherwise, I will probably not be in a good place.

If you are going to get hit with this weather, stay safe and stay warm!

UPDATE: it started snowing right at 9am. The forecasters actually got THAT part right for a change.
UPDATE 2: Right after I posted this initial posting, I went to drink some of my daily protien coffee--the lid wasn't on right, and I spilled it EVERWHERE--the majority of which was on me. So now, I'm stuck wearing clothing that are slowly drying, and I reek of coffee. Ugh. And my pants and sweater are stiff where the coffee/protien powder/soy milk has dried.
UPDATE 3: I'm so tight and full of drainage this morning that my first drink of the remainder of my coffee yielded a very uncomforable feeling, and I started sliming. On coffee. W.T.F. Yep, this is deffinitely going to be a soup kind of week.
UPDATE 4: Did I mention how much I HATE snow? Already dreading the drive home tonight--the lack of parking that is sure to exist (city living is NOT awesome like people say), and the super cold temps.
UPDATE 5: And I think I have cramps....two days early. Seriously. Can I cry now? I would eat, but OBVS that is not an option.
UPDATE 6: except for the candy bar. I was able to eat THAT without issue. Ironic that it was a Zero bar--because it sure isn't zero on calories! Oh, and that the temps are supossed to be close to that this afternoon!

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