Monday, January 20, 2014


Thanks to CFlick, Hollee, and Chuckleheads for their input and advice on my compulsive eating (which typically occurs on weekends). I never thought about having a food plan that would be a whole day at one time. Typically, I have my calorie count and I work to stay under that number--which gives me leeway with what I can and cannot eat. And then on weekends, I tend to just eat whatever and whenever.

Monday-Friday isn't the struggle, because I have the structure of work to keep me on schedule. It's the dreaded weekends that I flounder around. However, I'm going to make more of an effort to plan out my food choices today.

So far, this is what I've been able to plan for the day. This is actually pretty typical of Monday-Friday for me with the time and portions--the foods will change.

Breakfast: Protien coffee (1/2 scoop Unjury, Soy milk, black coffee). approxmately 130 cal
Lunch: Chicken Kale soup (no idea on calories because it's just chicken and vegetables)
Snack: homemade bread pudding (made with soymilk and smart balance)
Dinner: Talapia and sauteed spinach and maybe some bulger or quinoa.

Now, Saturday and Sunday, it looks more like this:
Whenver I get up: protien coffee
Sometime after that: soup and/or leftover dinner
Sometime later: more soup and/or snack food (chips, popcorn, etc)
Sometime later: dinner--usually the same soup, or whatever I've made for the ELB for dinner
After that: another snack (as long as it's a minimum of 3 hours before I plan to go to bed).

Weekends don't have structure. Sometimes, we are out and about, running errands, doing fun things, etc--which means eating out, or having foods that I normally wouldn't eat. I always feel that I eat way more on weekends--when sometimes, I don't think it's MORE, I think it's just eating too often, or eating again too soon after a previous meal, which makes me feel full and bloated and uncomfortable and like I've eaten way too much. And I'm a boredom eater. This weekend, the ELB was working gigs all weekend, so I was home alone--which meant idle time for my hands. And instead of pulling out my jewelry tools, or starting a new knitting project (both of which are GREAT for keeping the food out of the face) I instead watched crap tv and snacked.

But today is Monday. I'm on my regimen this morning--walked, having protien coffee. Packed soup for lunch. Dinner will be Talapia. See, I do plan during the week! The Talapia is thawing as we speak.

My goal is to try to rein in the weekends, and try to have a schedule that can be adjusted to my relaxed hours.  And to always have something creative in my hands.

Happy Monday, ya'll!

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  1. Lol...I didn't really give input...I commiserated with you...but the all day plan is a really good one!