Thursday, January 16, 2014

Is it Friday yet?

OMG. This day has been nutball cray-cray.

It's 3:45 pm. I have been awake since 5:30. The last time I peed was at 5:30am. I have not had time to even take a bathroom break today.  Weird, too, since I've had a huge cup of protien coffee and two bottles of water.

Oh well, I'm going to hold out until after 4pm. I'm taking the bus tonight, and sometimes, it can be a LONG wait for the bus to come--and then to get downtown, and then to walk home. So the later I can hold it, the better.

I have walked this week. I haven't been perfect with food, but I've been okay. Yesterday, I got thrown off by a piece of cake--but I was good--I only ate the frosting and the filling and threw the actual cake part away. So yeah--that has to count for something, right? Besides, I have a King Size Peanut Butter Twix bar in my desk that I bought at Walmart this morning and I have not even OPENED it. That is amazing, peoples!

I'm still having some pretty good restriction. I haven't snacked today, but I did make some bread pudding last night that was pretty good. I brought it to work and shared. I had one small piece just so that I could see how it turned out. Not bad for using soy milk and Smart Balance!

Just glad today is almost over. Going to go home, fix some Talapia and spinach, and chill out.

Happy Turds-day!

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