Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's always darkest before the light....

or, you always get sicker before you get better.

Yesterday, I was ROCKIN' it. I felt pretty good (all things considered). I walked. I was on plan with food. I could breathe. 

This morning? Not so much. My sinuses were so clogged when I woke up that it was draining through my eye. Seriously. I had snot coming out of my tear duct on my right eye. W. T. F.

I'm functional, but not really happy. I'm at work. I walked 4 laps in fog so dense that it was creepy--and I kept thinking about that Stephen King novel about the fog and the giant spiders...It might have been called "The Fog". But anyways, yeah.

I'm having a Broke Ass Bitches (BAB for short) lunch today with my two work friends. We are all a little strained for money, so we planned to brown bag it and eat in. I made a pot of homemade cheddar broccoli soup to share as a suprise, and I stopped and bought a baguette from Panera to go with it. Since I already had everything for the soup at home, that didn't cost anything extra. The baguette was $2.59. WAY cheaper than three girls going out to lunch! And no tips required!

Anyways, hope that you guys are having a better start to your hump day than your eye snotting at you.

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  1. man I need a coworker like you to make me lunch as a surprise! lol

    and also that recipe?! I've never made broccoli cheddar soup before, but it sounds awesome.