Wednesday, June 19, 2013

calorie schmalorie

I lost track of what day I am on my calorie counting journey.

It's okay--because I'm still writing it all down--even the bad stuff.

Like yesterday.  1/2 of a panera short bread cookie--and three oreos. But I was still under 2,000 for the day--and that was my goal. Yesterday, I hit 1960 for the day--which also included two fiber one brownies with a Weight Watchers snack size ice cream bar after dinner..which, I really didn't need because I wasn't even hungry...but it sounded good.  

I go Friday for my second fill appt, and I hope that I get one. Not being able to walk this week is throwing me for a loop. I feel better when I get to walk. I'm going to be doing some shopping tonight while the ELB works, so that will be a little exercise. My ankle is still wrapped today because of all the injuries--that's the worst. I left my hands and knee wounds open over night so that they would be able to scab up and start healing. But otherwise, I feel pretty good.

I also got my hair cut last night--and it looks totally cute, even second day unwashed (because she just washed it last night!). I spent $20 on a bottle of super skinny serum from Paul Mitchell--it's what the stylist used to create this awesome style--and she told me that it would be light enough to not make my hair greasy--but would help to control the frizz and fly aways. It also smells AMAZEBALLS. That's all she used for product. She also told me to invest in a good quality ceramic brush for drying (which I rarely do)--but just might, if I can recreate this look on my own.

So, in spite of still hobbling around I'm feeling better. Hands are healing. Knee is a little leaky, but will pass. 

But honestly, if I go in on Friday, and I haven't lost at least a pound...I will probably cry.

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