Thursday, June 6, 2013

Second verse...(not) same as the first

Day two of getting back to basics went MUCH better. For one, even though I did have an office lunch out, I made good choices. Under the original meal plan that I had, vegetables are considered 'free', so there are no calories counted towards the daily totals.

7am--Unjury shake (made with Silk)         180cal
9am--ham/swiss sandwich                       200cal
11:30--collard greens                              free
          macaroni and cheese (6oz)            315cal (est)
         4 bakedchicken drummies (4oz)       184cal (est)
3pm--dark chocolate cranberries (1oz)       150cal
7:30--JennieO turkey burger                     280cal
          onions/peppers/mushrooms            free
          McCormick brown gravy                  50cal
8:30--3 mini brownies with salted caramel  250cal
Total calories for day:         1609

I would say that is MUCH better than day one! Is it perfect? Well, in the mindset that I plan on abiding by until my next fill on June 21, I did great. I stayed under 2000 calories, which was my goal.  Am I still eating too much? Yes. But I did better than Tuesday, and today I'll do better than yesterday. And every day I will work on improving until I can get to around 1,000 and get my porition sizes under control.

I've started my day with a walk (25 minutes), and was joined this morning by someone in another department who has seen me walking since November and decided that it's time for her to start making changes. So, inspiring others has already started!

Now THAT is motivation!

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