Monday, June 10, 2013

Survived the weekend

So, I'm going to admit that I'm HORRIBLE about keeping track of food/calories on weekends!

The lack of structure totally throws me off, and I end up not adhering to any plan and just kind of wing it.

Luckily, I did okay with food choices, and I don't think that I went over 2,000 calories either day.

Saturday, I just mainly had alot of protien and veggies, and one skinny cow ice cream cup (150cal)

Sunday, I did the same--lots of protien and veggies.

I did have one Berger cookie on Sunday (140 cal). And that is hard to do because they are freaking AWESOME! One of the best things to come from Baltimore, along with Old Bay!

I did walk on Saturday, but less so Sunday, unless you count one trip around the Bed Bath Beyond with the ELB as exercise. And I don't think it qualified, even with the added trip around Walgreens.

This morning, I got to work and walked in the HUMID MUGGY air for 20 minutes.  I was sweating like a MOFO.

Today, I'm doing good so far. I had my shake at 7am on the way to work, and I packed Unjury chicken protien dip and a cucumber for lunch. I also have an Asiago bagel from Panera (birthday breakfast for a coworker) that I didn't eat, and which I might have part of with lunch today. I was thinking of making an open face cucumber sandwich with it.

Happy Monday!

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