Sunday, June 2, 2013

Its getting Hot Hot Hot!

So, the weather here in Baltimore has been cray cray this past week. Yesterday saw it hit 97 degrees!

The ELB and i got up early (7:30) and headed out to get our errands done before it got unbearable. We were able to stop for breakfast ( yes, i had a bacon egg cheese biscuit), we got to sams club, kohls, and giant and we were home by 10:30. Luckily we have an add on to my dads business membership so  we get to take advantage of the early business hours. #awesome!

So by the time most people were getting up we were home, groceries unpacked, and going back to bed for a nap. Since i slept away most of the afternoon, the biscuit wasn't as detrimental as it could have been because i didn't eat all day.

On another note, the other night i was trying to find a creative use for all the kale stems. I read that you can use them to make pesto, but since i didn't have any pine nuts i decided to try something else. Since i love oven roasted veggies, i tried roasting them. In concept a great idea, in execution, not so much. They smelled great and tasted good, but were very difficult to eat. Extremely tough and chewey and probably not band friendly-they caused a slight stick. No wonder you pull them out and don't use them!

Today i made veggie noodleless lasagna and baked some salted caramel brownie bites for the ELB.
I feel bad because i haven't exercised all weekend. 

Will definitely need to work on that this week!

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  1. I wish I could discipline myself to get that much stuff done early on Saturday morning. What a great feeling it must be to know you have everything done by 10:30am.

    Hmm, I feel like I could eat about 27 salted caramel brownie bites right now. I have a real sweet tooth today for some reason.

    Stay cool out there!!!