Thursday, June 20, 2013

One more day

I am exhausted. Last night, I didn't get home until almost 10pm--and didn't get to bed until 1am. I get up at 5:30 in the morning for work.

I was also a very bad bander yesterday. After eating a (rather) large lunch around 12pm (I went to the farm store and had collard greens, hash brown casserole and 4 baked chicken wings), I was full for the rest of the day.  I didn't eat anything again until after I got home last night. So I went over 9 hours. Around 5:30 or so, I did start getting hungry and I was driving past a Burger King--that was literally piping the charbroil smells into the atmosphere through that chimney on top of the store--but I was STRONG. I drove right on past that Burger King. And every other single fast food/take out place the entire night. Including the Dunkin Donuts that would have been so delicious with a Homer Simpson and small cup of their awesome coffee. Sigh.

In other news, I'm pretty sure that I was under on my calories--but I don't really have a calculation. I had 1/2 of an organge chicken sub sandwich and some broccoli salad for dinner--but the place that makes the sandwich doesn't have nutritional information--and the salad came from the deli at the grocery store. I'm going to assume that I was under since I still had a ton of calories to play with.

I did some shopping last night--hit the grocery store, Trader Joe's, and the Goodwill.  I love the 'will. I buy my books there, read them, then donate them right back. So, I bought a ton of books (if 7 is a ton), two McDonalds Muppets glasses from 1981 (I'm almost positive that we had these exact same glasses when I was a kid--but me and breakables don't mix so none of them survived my childhood), and an Eddie Bauer cardigan in heathered navy blue as a goal sweater. I love cardigans, and I could totally picture me wearing this in the fall/winter with a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt. It's one of those classic pieces that I know once I fit into, I will wear for years.

I also picked up some coconut oil at TJ to try. It seems like coconut oil is the 'it' thing of the moment--and you know me--I read about a band wagon, think about it, and then sometimes I get on it when I see it at TJ's!

So, I have a pair of goal jeans to fit into by September 1, 2013, and a goal caridigan that I will fit into by September 1, 2014. I know that it's stupid--but if I have visible reminders of my goals around me, I think it keeps me more motivated. We will see if it happens! I have been super motivated on the jeans (till this week when I fell down). I told the ELB that I want to take a test walk on Saturday to see how my ankle is healing.

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