Friday, June 14, 2013

Gotta get down on Friday!

Yesterday, I totally ROCKED my calories for the day! And I got in my walk in the morning. The afternoon was plagued with severe weather so I stayed inside.

7am: Unjury Iced Mocha                                           180cal
9am: 5 brown rice crackers                                         50cal
         Unjury chicken dip                                            90cal
          three cucumber slices                                        free
11am: ham/swiss sandwich                                       250cal
2:30: six grilled chicken nuggets (CFA)                        120cal
         cinnamon apple sauce                                       60cal
5pm: ham/swiss rolls                                                200cal
8pm: ear of corn                                                          free
         baked beans                                                   320cal
         grilled chicken                                                 100cal
Total for day:                                                                     1370

I tried making an egg white muffin sandwhich at home for breakfast this morning--and it was awesome. I used an Arnold sandwhich thin instead of an english muffin, and the eggwhites from the container-- and it was great! I wonder if egg whites reheat well once they are cooked--so could I make this at night and then just reheat? Or would it just be better to cook the egg whites fresh when I wanted one? I'm going to see how it does at keeping me full for the morning.

My Aunt Flow showed up, and she is being a real cow to me today. Ugh. But I did get three laps in before the rain became hard to deal with.

Nothing planned for the weekend except for the usual--laundry, sleep, walking, and if I'm so inclined--cleaning. What an exciting life I lead.

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  1. That's a great day of eating! Hope you weren't too hungry.

    The baked egg cups I make use regular eggs mixed with egg whites, and I reheat them all the time. Hope yours works out too!