Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday night phone post

I think that my.5cc fill combined with this oppressive blanket of humidity in Baltimore has tightened Donny-girl up. I have been spot on today. Actually I think I hit right around 1100 calories (it was actually 1145 because I had two kings hawiaan rolls with dinner)...maybe less bc I need to write it down and tally it up.

I have eaten healthy. And work friend and I are going to be accountability buddies. She doesn't know about Donny, she just knows that I'm trying to stay under 1500 cals a day...and that is her goal, also. She had met with a nutritionist to help her start making healthy choices--so now we can work together!  

This can work, for both of us! 

While we were talking this morning, two different people walked by us in the hall carrying plates of 10am. I said, "someone put cakes in the breakroom?"  She said "yep". I said "I'm not going near it." She said "me neither". And our work friendship now includes a confidant to keep us focused on our weight loss goals. We are also WWF friends, and the occasional girls night out friends, too. She's a friend--a new friend--we've only known each other for about 2 years--but only recently have moved from strictly work to doing things outside of work in the past six months or so.

Maybe one day I'll tell her about Donny. One day far far away.For now, Donny is my little secret.

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