Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Houston, we have a problem

Okay, I've never actually been to Houston--but I do have a SERIOUS problem.

I tracked my food yesterday the way that I used to track my food. I wrote it all down, I tracked my calories, and I found out that I am eating WAY to much.

In the efforts of full disclosure, I have put down my total calories for yesterday. Please note that I do not eat out at Chilis for lunch every day--it just so happened that I did yesterday--which makes this a prime example of how detrimental even one lunch out a week can be.  (Also note that I did get over 100g of protien for the day.)

7am: veggie lasagna (homemade)                   180cal
8am: ham/swiss sandwich                              200cal
9am: greek yogurt covered pretzels                 200cal
11am: chips/salsa   (half order)                      455cal
     1/8 chicken/bacon/cheese quesadilla           218cal
      1/2 molten lava cake with ice cream           580cal
3pm: greek yogurt covered pretzels                  200cal
6pm: 5/8 chicken/bacon/cheese quesadilla       1087cal
10pm: Unjury shake made with Silk                  180cal
Total calories consumed:     3,300

That is a HUGE GLARING IN YOUR FACE PROBLEM. Well, technically, its in MY face--and that's the problem.

I didn't realize how much/often I was eating every day. And this probably has alot EVERYTHING to do with why I am not losing more weight. The worst part is, I didn't get any walking in yesterday. So, I had nothing to even off set a paltry few calories in my favor.

So, today I am determined to do better. I started off the day right. I had protein for breakfast and the yogurt pretzels are gone (so, okay, I actually finished them all yesterday--small victory?). I walked for 25 minutes before work this morning--and the ELB and I will walk another hour tonight when I get home.

I am writing everything down. I am starting this with a renewed sense of WANT. This is what I WANT and this is what I will GET--it all depends on me.

I WANT to be successfull.
I WANT to be healthy.
I WANT to be at a somewhat normal weight.
I WANT to fit comfortably in chairs.
I WANT to wear cute clothes.
I WANT to be a beautiful bride when the day comes.
I WANT to be able to carry and have a healthy baby.
I WANT to live a long happy life with the ELB and with our future family.
I WANT to make my dad proud (even though he doesn't know that I had the surgery).
I WANT to be the best possible person I can be.
I WANT to inspire others to take the steps they need to take in their own lives.

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  1. Good job taking charge and figuring it out! :-)