Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yesterday and Today

So, today there was a small NSV for me.  During my morning walk this morning, I was able to clock six laps around my building in 23 minutes.  It used to take me over 20 minutes to do four laps when I first started walking in November and by the end I would be DYING. Now I do six every morning (weather permitting).  Monday, I plan on adding lap seven.

As for food yesterday, I don't think I did too badly.

7am:    Turkey sandwich                               130cal
          1/2  Unjury iced coffee shake               90cal
11am:   tossed salad                                    free
            dressing/croutons                             100cal
            hot italian ciabatta sandwich              530cal
3pm:     1/2 skinny cow ice cream                    75cal
6pm:      kale/onions/peppers/tomatos/garlic     free
            chicken salsa suprise                         1170

Total for day:                                                      2095

Stupid chicken salsa suprise.How can you tasted so good and be so bad?   Again, I ate the whole thing. I bought regular cheese instead of reduced fat, which is the majority of the problem. I just need to stick to the one porition  size on that dish (it makes about two cups), and I would have been under for the day.  

I noticed a weird pain yesterday around my large scar.  My port is about 5 inches south of this scar, but I've noticed some weird random pain--not OMG I'm going to die pain--just some twinges. Also, I burped for the first time since before surgery. Now I'm worried that I might have a band slip. I see the surgeon next Friday (June 21) for a fill--but does anyone have any input on what might be causing this? I'm not sick or throwing up or feeling bad. Just this twingy pain.

My scar sits right on my tummy where my desk hits--and I do lean forward and push on that area alot during the work day. But that wouldn't cause me to burp, would it? Could the burp just be random and unrelated? I just read on the boards that burping is something that you usually aren't able to do post surgery--so it shocked me when I did.

Probably just being paranoid.

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  1. I don't have much to offer, except to tell you I burp all the time. ;-) Hope you find something out from your doctor that puts your mind to ease.