Sunday, July 14, 2013


I don't know what i did wrong but my apple cinnamon oatmeal zucchini bread didn't turn out as well this time. I think i used more zucchini and didn't account for that in baking time or with batter. The first time i made it it turned out great.

The banana peanutbutter zucchini bread was an epic fail. Again i probably needed to bake it longer. And i probably should have used the powdered peanutbutter instead of the jiff natural. I think it made it to heavy, and it just turned out to wet. I will work on this recipe for the future.

Oh well. Now i know.

Today i oven roasted some green and yellow squash and some cauliflower. I also made my chicken salad for lunch this week. I grilled some chicken for quick dinners the next couple days. I washed dishes. Its been a quiet day.

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