Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Steps..or stairs..or things I fall down occasionally

I had thought of a great post to write about 1.5 hours ago...and then I was like, "No, do your real work first--then come back and write your post. That way you can get something accomplished, and then dedicate time without being rushed to your awesomeness". 

And now I forgot what I was thinking was so awesome a mere 90 minutes ago.

So, yeah.  I'm awesome in the way that my mind is like an etch-a-sketch....just the slightest tilt sometimes can erase a whole idea.

BTW, am I the ONLY one who ever played with an etch-a-sketch and couldn't do more than make steps? The thing is, I never even OWNED an etch-a-sketch of my own. I only played with them at friends houses or at church.  But the IDEA of etch-a-sketch was so appealing, that I would pretty much run to it every.single. time.  But in reality--it kind of sucked.

You think, "today, I'm going to make something great".  And you end up with...steps...to nowhere. Every single time.

And that's kind of what losing weight is like. You are all excited when you start the journey, and after you start it, your enthusiasm fades--and you realize that all you really know how to do isn't much--just making steps. Big steps. Little steps.  Occasionally, you actually make a few symmetrical steps before you drop the ball and wipe out all of your progress.  And eventually you just give it up, and walk away because it's too hard. It takes alot of work and concentration and dedication to be successfull at it. 

But I've realized that when you have a little bit of help--like a Lap Band --then maybe it gets a little easier with time.  And if you add in a support system of like minded people who are on the same journey, it gives you courage to keep going--because you can see where you've come from--and you can also see how far you have left to go. And the ones that have gone before you can show you the way.  And the ones that come behind you are looking to you for guidance.

And yeah, you might still be making nothing but steps--more and more and more steps---but they are steps in the right direction.

Kind of cheesy, huh?

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