Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Recap and stuff

1. Had a car accident right after leaving the office on Friday. Of course, being Friday--everything closes early. Had to race to get everything done--including to the rental car place before they closed at 6pm. Thankfully, my tow truck driver was super nice and after he dropped my car, he took me to the rental place. I got there with 8 minutes to spare!
2.  I held it together and hardly cried at all. The ELB suggested that we go out so that I could destress (ie: drink alcohol). We went to dinner at Fridays, where I did not drink. I did eat a pretty sensible meal (minus a few tortilla chips and salsa).  We went to the movies, where I did not eat chocolate or popcorn.
3. Saturday, I slept late. We got in from the movies around 1am, and then had to unwind--so bed was around 2:30. The ELB still had to go to DC, but I decided to stay home to do all the things that I had planned to do on Friday when things got derailed--worked out on the elliptical for 20 minutes, washed my work clothes for the week, scrubbed the bathroom (tub and shower). I made boiled cabbage (another one of my healthy stink foods, as the ELB likes to call them). I don't remember eating anything way off plan, or doing any stress binge eating, although we did order pizza--of which I only had two slices.
4. Sunday, I wanted out of the house, so we went for a drive to PA to visit the ELBS favorite little hoagie shop. He ordered the 20 inch full on chicken cheesesteak hoagie. I ordered the 10 inch roasted pork with sauteed spinach. He ate 1/2 of his, and I ate 1/2 of mine. :) I was full--almost too full with the bread. We stopped at Wegmans on the way home and picked up some cookies (8 regular size cookies), and some PopCorners chips. I love these things. We get the triangle ones, and the sea salt and caramel are our faves so far. I did eat some cookies, but since we only bought 8 total, it was easy to not binge on them.
5. Monday, back to work and dealing with the car insurance, the body shop that called and said, "Our techs won't be able to look at your car until Monday, August 5th because they are closed for the whole week for vacation". WTF. Seriously? So that was another thing I had to deal with--transferring my car to another bodyshop so that they could get to work sooner rather than later on it. My insurance people are great. I just hope I get my car back soon. I was so freaking stressed ALL DAY yesterday. And busy! I'm covering for a coworker, plus my own work, plus dealing with the car issue...I made it to the bathroom ONCE in 10 hours. I ate healthy (I was too busy to be hungry). I walked before work, and then went home and did the elliptical last night, and I didn't eat a huge dinner (although I did have two cookies).
6. Things seem to be way calmer today. I hope this bodes well for the rest of the week and that yesterday was just a fluke. I did six laps this morning. It's a gorgeous day.

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  1. I am always so jealous when I hear about all of you bloggers who can still eat bread (and pizza). One bite of bread and I'm sliming and praying for a toilet to be near :(

    I hope your week gets better! It seems you chose healthy ways to deal with your stress! Go you!