Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Last night, I wasn't able to go home after work and do my elliptical. The ELB and I share a car (because parking in the city is horrible), plus we really don't need the expense of two cars.  That's what public transportation is for.

Anyways, sometimes, one of us will have time to spend time on our own when the other has a commitment.  The ELB had an event that he was working, so I had some time to fill.  Since I wasn't able to get my workout on at home, I got one at the mall.

I went to the Hunt Valley Town Center (an outdoor mall anchored with a Wegmans). I had been planning to go to Wegmans tonight after my fill, but instead went last night to fill time. I picked a neutral parking spot, and then I walked and walked and walked for two hours. I went to DSW and looked at shoes. I went to Burlington and looks at sunglasses (bought two pairs plus a case for $22). I went to 5Below and looked at fun stuff (and got a solar dancing flower for $1). And then I went to Wegmans and walked around an around looking for the things on my list (I love Wegmans but it's not my usual grocery store--so I don't know the layout). But the whole time, I was moving. I did not sit. And I think that this counts as a workout. Every step is exercise.

Most of my exercise is retail related, especially during the day. On my lunch break, if I have to run to Sams Club and Walmart--then I think that those count as exercise--especially since I only get an hour for lunch--and that includes my travel time to and from--so usually I am speed walking to get errands done. I've met friends at Target on hot days to walk around the store and just catch up--and get some walking in.

The only drawback to retail exercise if the spending of money--also called retail therapy. But I think I did pretty good. I spent $24 on stuff for me (I really needed sunglasses--I have lost screws in two pairs in the past few weeks and I was stuck with this expensive pair of Brightons that my aunt gave me--and which I absolutely HATE--I prefer my new pairs that I paid less than $10 a pair for!) and $60 on groceries. It could have been worse, but I was strong and walked away from the shoes. All of the bright and colorful shoes. And donuts. And french baguettes. And the BBQ by the pound buffet with fixins'. Sigh.

Countdown to my appt today. Fingers crossed. Once I finish my coffee, I'm going to slam water the rest of the day to try to flush out my system and any water weight that's hanging around. I hope that I have a lower number to report tomorrow!

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  1. That is my preferred form of exercise! It's too hot in Texas right now to do any walking outside, so all my walking is retail related. Target on my lunch break is my favorite!

    P.S. I have the dancing solar flower!