Friday, July 26, 2013

NSV? sorta....

So, today is jeans day at work. The one day a week we can wear something other than business attire--and I'm really HATING my jeans right now.

A few months ago, I tried to find a pair of jeans that were a size down from where I was at the time. I could tell that it wouldn't be long before my current jeans were bagging out and looking bad. I looked and looked and looked, and couldn't find anything that would even begin to fit AND flatter my changing shape. So, I picked up a 'goal' pair of jeans that were two sizes down from where I was.

My current jeans are bagging out. The crotch hangs down about 4 inches too low.  They swim around my hips. I can hike them up, Urkel style, to right under my boobs. That's a good thing, right?

You would think it would be IF I could find a pair of jeans that would fit me now. However, my goal jeans for September (size 26) are still too small. All of the clothes that I have from my mom are still too small (they are majority 22-24). I can't find a decent pair of jeans that fit me right--apparently, I have the beginning of an hourglass shape--narrow waist, wide hips. So jeans that fit me in the waist make me look like a sausage from the hips down. Jeans that fit over my (still) ginormous thighs sag everwhere else.

I feel selfconscious and uncomfortable in my baggy sloppy jeans. I think that these jeans make me look HUGE and FAT. Yes, I know, I am still both of those things--but 67lbs LESS so when I got these jeans. I hate going out on weekends, because I don't have anything that fits me and is both comfortable and flattering. All of my work clothes looks like they belong to someone alot bigger than me. We are going to DC tomorrow, and I hate all my clothes. I have NOTHING to wear.

It's a win/lose. Win because I'm losing weight. Lose because I can't look cute doing it. I wish I could just walk into Walmart and buy a pair of jeans--but I don't think that even those would fit yet.

I checked the 'Will a few weeks ago, but didn't find anything that I could even begin to fit in there. And lets be honest--fat girl jeans get worn out in certain areas before other places (namely, the inner thighs because of friction), so I don't even know if I could find a good pair at a consignment shop.

I just have to suck it up work harder so that I can get into my goal jeans sooner.


  1. Oh man, that sucks! Nearly all of my pants are too baggy right now too. But I believe it's crucial to have a pair of jeans that you like. It's important for your mental health. So try to find a pair before you go on your trip! You'll enjoy yourself more that way.

  2. I hit up thrift shops...I don't want to spend a bunch of money on clothes that aren't going to fit for very long...Good luck!

  3. If I had a pair that would fit you I'd send them to you! I'm like Kay S. Must have a good pair of jeans...vital to mental health!