Monday, July 1, 2013


The ELB and I headed out to my dads this weekend for a quick visit (drive down Friday, drive back Saturday). The trip is about 5 hours each way--depending on traffic.

I forgot to write down everything that I ate, but I made smart choices and feel that I stayed under my calories on the trip (even though this trip was HELLA stressfull).

I packed healthy snacks (grilled chicken tenders, ham/swiss rolls, fiber one bars, and Annies organic snack mis) for the road munchies, and avoided fast food almost entirely. I did have a biscuit with gravy (400 cal) at Chickfila on Friday morning when I stopped to get the ELB some breakfast. Dinner out with my dad and his soon to be second wife on Friday was pizza, and I had two pieces. Saturday, I had a six inch flat bread from Subway (360 cal). Everything else I ate was grilled chicken or ham/swiss rolls. And some cookies. Not crazy cookie consumption--but over three days, I had three Berger cookies (140cal each), and about 3 Otterbein sugar cookies (33cal each). Used to be I would eat the whole package of cookies. I think that's a NSV if there ever was one! I also took a nice walk with the ELB on Friday night after dinner on the farm.

The ELB and I did had a small libation on Friday night (Mikes Hard Lemonade frozen pounches), and we slept like rocks. I only drank about 1/2 of mine--I can't handle alcohol real well--it makes me flushed and hot. So he drank the rest of mine.

So, all in all, I think I did okay with calories.

Yesterday, we slept late, and my eating was minimal. Well under my 1500 calories for the day.

Back to the grindstone today. I walked this morning before work, and will run errands and NOT eat out!  I have plans to go out to dinner with two of my work friends on Wednesday---Don Pablos for drinks and fajitas. So, I'll try to save calories for that so that I can stay on plan.

Happy Monday!

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