Monday, July 8, 2013


I got up this morning and realized that  I did not write down a single thing I put into my mouth all weekend. I know that I need to be better about that--and usually I am--it just got away from me this weekend.

I don't think I did too badly. I ate alot of zucchini/squash quinoa casserole yesterday (seriously, this is like a slider food for me--I would rather eat this than ice cream or cookies). Saturday, I made the doughless pizza (with turkey pepperoni and LF mozzerella) and I kind of munched on that all day. I did have six Tyson chicken nuggets and a Mikes Hard Cherry Lemonade on Friday night with the ELB. But I think that my food choices have been good, I ate every meal at home all weekend, and other than about 10 M&Ms yesterday, nothing really bad stands out.

I snagged some more (free) zucchini and squash this morning. I think that I might make the zucchini bread again, and I'm thinking that I could also add zucchini to a banana bread, too. I also just like zucchini and squash, and will probably eat it all week as dinner sides. I picked up some mushrooms today, so I can keep making my awesomness.

I got to work this morning and banged out 5 laps in 20 mins, then had my egg white muffin sandwich and my Unjury iced coffee (4 oz soy milk with two tsps of Unjury powder and SF torani syrup over ice with 6oz of instant Maxwell House coffee). I figure that if I drink that in the morning, I get some protien, I get some caffiene, and I get alot of water, because I use an entire tray of ice cubes when I make it--and I will drink it until all the ice is melted and gone. I was drinking iced tea, but I found myself sipping it all day long--and not getting my water in--which was really bad. So once I'm done with my iced coffee, I switch to water the rest of the day.

I have plans to pack all week, except for tomorrow when I go out with a coworker. We will most likely go to Panera, and I will most likely end up with either Broccoli Cheddar or French Onion soup. Both are my standbys, and their calories are easily accountable.

Nothing up and coming, no trips to take, no fun things planned. Life is back to the usual routine. Still need to get the ELB to get the elliptical moved so that I can use it on days (like this weekend) when it was just too hot to walk outside. I didn't get any exercise all weekend, and I feel really bad about that.

Happy Monday.

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