Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random crap--I know it's not Thursday. And it may or may not be ten things

1. I was so excited to go home last night and see that the ELB had moved my elliptical to the kitchen for me. I totally did 15 minutes (5 minutes of using it while trying to remember how to control the computer part, 10 minutes nonstop once I figured it out). My thighs are very sore today.

2. I walked 4 laps this morning to try to work out the thigh stiffness, because sitting all day is not a good thing when you are sore. I will not use the elliptical tonight--I will wait until tomorrow.

3. My professional organization costs $180 a year for membership. I signed up to do an installment plan of $45 every three months. I checked my account today, and the SOB's took out the FULL amount. I am officially BROKE until next payday because of their incompetence. I anger cried.

4. The only positive thing is that instead of going and getting something and eating my stress and anger, I did nothing. No chocolate. No cookies. No chips. I've been sitting here stewing since talking to customer service. I'm not even hungry. I'm PISSED. But that doesn't seem to translate to hunger today. Small victory?

5.  I'm still pissed. And broke. There goes my one lunch out this week, not to mention all of my gas money. I hope I can make it till Friday before I need gas in the car. Thankfully, my EZ Pass just reupped yesterday. Thanks professional organization to remain nameless for making my life SUPER DUPER stressful. Much love.

6.  Luckily, the groceries I got at lunch (before I knew about this error) I put on my other bank account--otherwise, I would have been overdrawn pretty badly. And my bank charges a crapload for an overdraft fee. Thank God for small miracles.

7.  I am so angry! I can feel it sitting in my chest--a big lump of yelling and cursing and F-bombs--waiting to tear out of my body like that alien in that movie about aliens....maybe it was Alien? I forget. But you get the picture.

8.  Now that I think about it--why am I not hungry? WTF. I always turn to food in these type of situations.  There's a snack machine chock full of Snickers and Oreos and Utz chips and other fatty/salty/sugar treats designed to make me feel better in this situation. Seriously? This has never happened to me before.

9.  Have you ever seen that movie Serial Mom? Wasn't that a great movie? The ELB and I both have an appreciation for it--and we both saw it years before we even met! Talk about kismet. Okay, that was totally more random than my other random thoughts.

10. Ha, I made you read to ten. And now I'm tapped. I'm emotionally and physically spent after that stress. The alien must have fallen asleep b/c I'm significantly less angry than I was when I started typing this post.

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